Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Letters to My Babies: A New Year's Resolution Part Two

Dear Sweet Youngest,

Oh my goodness, child.  You are such a ray of sunshine!   
You are one of the most hilarious souls, baby girl.  I find myself laughing about something you did on the regular. Your father and I are so pleased with you, little one, and we are so thankful that you found your way into our family.
This last year was a big year for you, little firecracker.  You had your first move to a new house.  You started going to Mother's Day Out.  You started walking.  You started talking.  You started making your very proud, insistent opinion be known to those around you. 
You started showing even more love and affection towards your people. 
You started coming into yourself. 
Sometimes I wonder how I can see so much of you already, dear girl. 
How can I possibly see who you are so clearly when we have only known each other for such a short time?  I realize, though, I see you because you are who you are, and there is everything right with that. 
  You put yourself out there, little love.  You are so proud of who you are, and you have every right to be such!  I want so much to preserve your current love of self for you to have the rest of your life.  I know it is my job to teach you how to do that. 
I promise to learn to love myself more so that you have an obvious example of how to celebrate your soul, even when the world says that is unacceptable.
Youngest, you have a way of bringing people together.  We can barely get out of the house without someone stopping us to talk to you.
People are drawn to you, love.  You are pure of heart, and a precious soul.
I am so proud of you.
This year I resolve to work to absolve my expectations of you- for you have to find your way without me trying to impart my agenda onto you. 
This year I resolve to listen more, and react less. 
This year I resolve to celebrate your successes more, and fret over your downfalls less. 
This year I resolve to be bigger and braver for your benefit.
I love you, Youngest.  I am so glad you are you!

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