Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I Love You a Bushel and a Peck

You guys.  I am so excited.
"Why?!" you might ask.
I will tell you:
I'm actually serious.  I love Valentine's Day.  It is my favorite holiday.
This is kind of a recent revelation.  Christmas used to be my favorite holiday; then I met my mentor, Cathy, and she is alllll about Valentine's Day.  She brought me over to the red hearts, pink hearts, hearts, love, hearts, love light. 
I know.  It's riveting.
V-day gets a bad wrap.  People think that it is only for those in a romantic relationship. 
Nay, I say.
Valentine's is a great opportunity to tell all of the people in your life who you love that you love them.  Honestly, I don't do that enough.  I love that I have a reminder to tell my people that they are my people.  I am so glad that I have loved ones, and they need to know that on the regular.  Valentine's Day is just a sparkly way to do that.

So, since he probably is one of the biggest and best people in my life, I dedicate this post to Dearest.  The kids got letters earlier this year, and it's about time he got one too.

To My Dearest,

Love, I am so glad that we belong to each other.  I am so glad that we get to share a love that let's us share our name.  I am so glad that we get to do life together.

Dearest, I fell for you hard and fast those few years ago.  I knew I wanted to be with you, and I really thought I knew why. 
I didn't.
I thought I loved you because of the way you made me feel.  I thought I loved you because of all of our similarities.  I thought I loved you because of all of our differences.  I thought I loved you because of my love for you.
Honestly, I probably did love you for all of those things.
Most of those things had to do with my love for me, and much less to do with my love for you.
However, with each year, each month, each week, each day, each hour that passes in our time together I find those things changing.  I find myself changing.  I find you changing.
We are softer.  We are more lovely.  We are more one than two, but more respectful of our individuality.
I love you more now because I see you a little more.  I see your heart a little better; your mission a little clearer.  I know you more now than I did back then.  I like you so much!  I find myself enjoying you for you- not for my loving you that I so recklessly attached to my ego back in our original time together.  Simply put, I love you, and that is all there is to it.

Dearest, you are a good man.  You are a good husband.  You are hard-working.  You fight for yourself.  You fight for our kids.  You fight for me.  You fight for us.
You also fight respectfully.
I know there are times that I tell you things you do not like or agree with, but you listen.  You allow room for me.  You do not fight my different or crazy.  You allow me to figure it out in my own way, and in my own time.
That is big, Love, and I am so grateful.

Thank you for letting me be me.  Thank you for taking my hand as we forge our way in this world.  Thank you for reminding me that I do not need to listen to the world to be great.  Thank you for being you.

I respect you, and I cherish you, Dearest.  I am so glad we chose each other.  I am grateful we continually choose each other, even when it is difficult.
Thank you for being my other half.
Thank you for being the one I go home to.
Thank you for coming home to me.
Thank you for being my partner.
I love you this Valentine's Day and everyday.


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