Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Gift-Giving is My Love Language. Also, a GIVEAWAY!

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Did you guys ever take that Love Languages personality test?  You know, the one that pinpoints your exact ways of giving and receiving love? 
It was ever so popular with the circles I ran in whilst I was in college.  I typically scored pretty high with "Gift Giving."  However, having gone to a tiny, private Christian college, the incredibly popular Love Language was "Acts of Service." 
I mean, what is more spiritual than serving another person with your self-less soul?! Amiright? You know what I'm talking about.
So, I lied when we went around the room, bragging about how great we all were at loving, and said, "Oh yeah!  I love sweating it out for all the peoples I love.  Let me build you a hut in the Amazon."  What I meant was, "Let me shop for you on the website I like to call, 'Amazon.'"  
I think that's why I've always had a soft spot for a good greeting card.  You are a dirty liar if you tell me you don't love getting a card from someone telling you how much you mean to them.  That, or you're still lying about being an "Acts of Service" person.  Or maybe that's just me.  Eesh.

ANYWAY, I recently stumbled upon the incredible work of Emily McDowell.  Emily has got this whole greeting card/gifting thing on point.  I'm pretty sure we all know I'm all about keepin' it real 'round these parts, and I adore how her work just takes honesty to give back to the world.  It is refreshing to know that someone is not afraid to put it out there, and to help others put it out there.  Plus, she makes it look really good on cards, mugs, prints, and, basically, all of the things.

So, since I've been blogging for approximately six months, and who doesn't love a good half-birthday full of words of affirmation and gifts, I've decided it's time for my first GIVEAWAY!  Get.excited.

Here's the Deets:

The Goods: A $25 Gift Certificate to Emily McDowell Studio

The How: To enter subscribe to this blog, and then comment, "Subscribed," below.  If you already subscribe, well, then thank you so much!  You can comment below if you want to be entered.

The When: I'll announce a winner on this post by 10 am Friday morning.

In the meantime, go over to Emily's website and check out all of her hilarious, original, and touching work.  You will not regret it, I assure you.

PS. Emily did not give me anything to do this giveaway.  Emily is not obsessed with me like CoverGirl is obsessed with Sophia Vergara and Ellen DeGeneres.  Although, I am obsessed with Sophia Vergara and Ellen DeGeneres.  If they wanted to come over and bring me free CoverGirl I wouldn't hate it.


  1. Subscribed! I love a good greeting card!

  2. Subscribed!! I'm a gift giver too!

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  4. Would love to win!! I too, am a gift giver!! 😊

  5. Subscribed! My love language is also gifts and I LOVE sending and receiving cards! :)

  6. Subscribed! You gotta know a girl raised in a greeting card store needs to win this thing:)